Reflections Cabaret – Something for Everyone

Reflections was opened in 1996 by the late Beverly Wilson and her son Paul as a late night dance club where everyone was welcome focusing on the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Community. That was almost 20 years ago and Reflections has evolved into a “no Labels, no rules” bar where everyone is welcome and as long as what you are doing is not negatively affecting someone else’s experience and it’s not illegal, it’s ok. Everyone goes to Reflections and we are the best place to dance in the City!

Reflections has played host to some of the biggest DJ’s in the world on many occasions, as well as world-class live acts, comedy and drag shows. Relocated to Salter Street in the fall of 2014 to a two tier club many have said ranks in experience with clubs anywhere in the world. We are a major venue for the Halifax Pop Explosion, the largest Music festival in the Maritimes.

We try to make Reflections a place that represents a place in the spirit of a quote from Steve Rubell, the Man who started Studio 54. “Let the 80 year old dance all night, let models mingle with mechanics, plumbers dance with princes, No labels no rules.”

Reflections Cabaret … something for everyone.

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